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For your Week Three assignment, you will write a two and a half page draft (excluding the title and references page) of your Week Five Literary Analysis. Be sure to
review Part B upon completion of Part A. The draft should contain a working thesis (which you wrote in the Week One assignment), an introduction, at least three body
paragraphs, and a conclusion. Be sure to include some paraphrases
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and quotations
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of the reference material in your Week Two Annotated Bibliography. You should use your research to help you develop and support the thesis.
Copy and paste the writing prompt you chose to explore in Week One at the beginning of your draft (this will help your instructor see if you focused well on the
Restate your working thesis after the copy-and-paste prompt.
Develop your working thesis based on the feedback you have received. Again, the thesis should offer a debatable claim in response to one of the prompts on the list.
Analyze the literary work from the approved list of prompts chosen in Week One that pertained to your selected topic and include the three key ideas developed in the
Week One Proposal.
Focus on one primary text.
Include references from at least two secondary sources identified on your Week Two Annotated Bibliography. More sources are not necessarily better.
Apply your knowledge of literary elements and other concepts in your response to the prompt. Reference the List of Literary Techniques.
Avoid any use of the first person.
Do not summarize the plot.

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