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Please write Full 6pages excluding reference page.
Please aware of plagiarism. I will upload lecture slides however, as you read paper requirement below, DO NOT have an easily identifiable thesis and/or rely solely on lecture slides will be penalized.
I will also upload the podcast of lecture. Please citation should be from the book.

Required Books:
Cole et al. Developments in French Politics 5. Palgrave Macmillan
Doyle. The Oxford History of the French Revolution. 2nd Edition. Oxford
Fenby. France on the Brink. 2nd Edition. Skyhorse
Schama. Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution. Knopf
Skocpol. States and Social Revolutions. Cambridge

Overview: During the first half of this course we analyzed theories of revolution and sought to apply theories of revolution towards explaining the French Revolution. As part of this discussion, we examined the characteristics of the Old Regime, the fall of absolutism, the rise of liberalism and radical republicanism, the onset (and dismantling) of the Terror and the extent to which the Thermidorian reaction and dissolution of the Directory facilitated the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the end of revolution. Throughout the process, we noted that, although there have been many attempts to explain the French Revolution, there is no consensus among scholars regarding which factors BEST explain it. Evaluating alternative explanations of the French Revolution will form the basis of your midterm.

Prompt: Although there is not a consensus among scholars as to the cause of the French Revolution, it has often been asserted that the French Revolution “was a bourgeois revolution” (Moore 1966) and that any analysis which ignores class misses a key part of the analysis. Other scholars, disagree, however, contending that state weakness provides a better explanation of the French Revolution (Skocpol 1979). Was the French Revolution a “bourgeois revolution”? Why? Why not?
To address this question, your paper should do the following:
1) Summarize class based explanations of revolution and discuss what is meant by the phrase “bourgeois revolution” (i.e., Moore 1966).
2) Summarize state capacity arguments of revolution (i.e., Skocpol 1979)
3) Identify what evidence would be consistent with the contention that the French Revolution was
a “bourgeois revolution” (i.e., What needs to be shown to prove Moore is correct?).
4) Identify what evidence would be consistent with the contention that state capacity best explains
the French Revolution (i.e., What needs to be shown to prove Skocpol is correct?).
5) Utilize case material to substantiate your argument regarding which theory BEST explains the
French Revolution (i.e., Doyle 2002, Schama 1989, Moore 1966, Skocpol 1979).


paper should be 6-8 pages in length using 12 point font and standard margins, citing sources where appropriate. Your essay should provide a coherent, well organized and well-argued response to the prompt, using course readings and lecture material to support your argument. For those of you have questions on how to structure the paper, there is a handout available on the course website. Please be advised that papers which do not have an easily identifiable thesis and/or rely solely on lecture slides will be penalized. While you may use outside sources, you do NOT need outside resources to answer this question.

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