Effectiveness of police body worn cameras


Effectiveness of police body worn cameras

Paper details:

The primary requirement for the project is that it must be genuinely qualitative in nature. (In the first class, we will discuss in
detail what this means.) Almost any setting, or set of participants. is a potential source of data for your research. including a
setting or topic with which you have a prior role or involvement. An initial “idea memo” for your project is due the third week of
the course; I’ll give you feedback on your ideas, and ifI see any potential problems, we may need to meet to discuss these
issues to make sure that you have a feasible project.

There are five specific requirements for your research project:

No covert research,

No primarily comparative studies

A minimum of3 hours of interviews or 3 hours of observation of a single setting. plus at least one hour of interview data
with one or more participants in that setting

Data collection must take place during a significant part of the semester

You will need to share your work for feedback

The research project will be graded based upon the following checklist of issues that should be addressed in the paper:

Why did you choose the topic or issue? How did your background influence this decision?

What research questions about your topics. setting or participants did you decide to focus on and why?

How did you choose a setting and/or participants for your study?

How did you collect the data for your study?

How did you analyze your data?

What are the key conclusions or findings about your topic, setting or participants that you arrived at from your study?

What potential limitations. alternative interpretations or validity threats to your conclusions do you see?

What were the most important things that you learned about doing qualitative research from this study?


All class work should utilize APA formatting. refer to Publication Manual of American Psychological Association (6th







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