The role of the government shaping companies corporate social responsibilities n Angola



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use secondary data such as articles and previews studies.
Therefore, the methodology chapter should comprise the following

– Specification of the methodologies employed (e.g. how data was collected)
• Justification for choice of methodology.
• Coherence and rigor of approach.
• Appropriateness of methodology to project (given project objectives)
• Description of sample.
• Appropriateness of sample and sampling
• Quality of data (relevance and accuracy)
• Recognition of the limitation(s) of the methodology used.

The objectives and questions this study aims are:
1. To critically evaluate CSR concepts and Theories 2. To evaluate government policies and regulations related to companies CSR in Angola 3. To assess the level and types of companies CSR practices in Angola 5. To make conclusions and recommendations about CSR practices in Angola Research Questions 1. In Angola, are there government policies, legislatures, regulations or acts related to companies CSR? 2. In what way do the public sectors influence companies CSR in Angola?



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