what does the gallery of the future look like ?

what does the gallery of the future look like ?

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The gallery is the most relevant intermediary in the art world. But galleries are struggling. Your task is to describe the role of the gallery in the future. Your
essay should address gallery’s relation to its key stakeholder (artists, collectors, art fairs), its location (offline vs. online), its revenue model, its competition
(auction houses, other galleries, artists) and its overall position in a changing and highly international art world.


Max 2000 words (excluding bibliography)
Language: English; Font: 12pt; Format: pdf
All sources must be quoted
(1) Formal Aspects

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation
Language (academic style, use of terminology)
Citations and reference to sources
Presentation and caption of tables and figures
(2) Contextual Aspects

Structural organisation of thesis
Logic of structure
(3) Methodological competence

Innovative and creative content, resp. Independent development of thought of processes
(4) Literature and Sources

Scope of literature and sources evaluated
Relevance of literature used
Evaluation and critical reflection of literature used


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