Converting Conventional Banks into Islamic Banking System in the State of Kuwait


Write a research paper discussing the cases of converting conventional banks into Islamic system banks in the state of Kuwait.
1- examine the performance of Islamic and conventional banks in the Arabian gulf region in general and Kuwait in specific.
2- explore the reasons and elements leading to banks converting from conventional system to Islamic system in the Arabian countries.
3- discuss the strategies adopted in converting and the mechanisms used.
4- show the differences between conventional & Islamic banks
5- Show the cultural, social, religious origin leading to this conversions.
6- explore the requirements and obstacle related to the conversions.
7- meet with banking leaders to understand the reasons that led to making the conversion decision (Kuwait International Bank) and the strategy used.
8- examine if the Islamic banks possess the capabilities of other financial institutes in meeting the needs of customers and gain the required profits for its depositors.
9- the fundamental rules and pillars to the development of Islamic banking products and services.

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