Prison and Capital Punishment Song Analysis



Listen to the songs linked and write a 3-4 page response essay summarizing what
they have to say about justice, prisons, punishment, , the system, etc- How do the
songs portray crime, criminals, the justice system, causes of crime, etc? Is it
accuate? Biased? What view of justice is it offering if any, etc-

Following Songs that need to be mentioned and summarized in the following paper:
1- Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash

2- Hangman’s Boogie by Cowboy Oopas

3. Ninety-Nine Year Blues by Julius Daniels

4- Prison Bound by John Lee Hooker

5- 54-46 Was My Number by Toots and the Metals

6- They’re Hanging Me Tonight by Marty Robbins

7- The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave&The Bad Seeds

8- Locked Up ft- Styles P by Akon

9- Ride the Lightning by Metallica


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