Purposes and Aims


Order Description



1. What do you want to find out with whom, where and why. (so you want to explore the oppression of LGBT youth in Jamaica) – you need to state why (referenced to literature)

2. Why did this area was chosen for research (referenced to literature)

3. How is this proposed research important; identify key issues and debates

4. Briefly define specific terminology in relation to the research  LGBT, youth, Jamaica.

5. Who might be a potential user of this research?

6. What are the specific research questions. These have been provided below.

What are the
challenges facing the young LGBT community in Kingston Jamaica? (2) How do the young LGBT
community receive and perceive the oppression and how does this manifest in their day to day lives?
(3) What are the young LGBT’s community’s hopes for the future and what can be done to support
their needs and aspirations? (4) Do services have to work ‘underground’ to support the young LGBT
community? If so how are they funded and what support are there for these services?


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