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Eventual mastery of organizational development and leadership theories is critical to the success of students. Demonstration of the of core competencies related to
change theory and system dynamics (teams in organizations) is expected at the conclusion of the course. Part of the fulfillment of this requirement will be on your
review and analysis of three faculty-selected Harvard Business Review case studies where you will analyze and/or synthesize concepts from the course.For this assignment, review the designated Harvard Business Review case study.  In a 3 page paper submission:• Provide a brief synopsis and overview of the presented case.  What were the major leadership issues presented?• Classify the leadership issues into one of the following three categories:  Change leadership, Team dynamics, or Organizational systems.  Provide support in
the professional literature as related to these three topics, from either within this course, from other courses in your graduate program, and/or other literature, to
support your classification.• Place yourself in the role of a leader in the presented scenario.  What would you actions have been?  How do your recommended actions compare to what was
presented in the scenario?  Why?  Provide justification as based on the professional literature.

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