Architectural Book Review





Book Review on – Barnard Tschumi’s: Architectue in disjunction

A 1500-word Book review on the strategic theoretical approach of a well-establist
architect- The book review should investigate the manifesto, treatise, or theory of a
specific architect, deconstructing their argument and analyzing the final argument and
conclusions- PLEASE NOTE: This is not simply a summary of the book content-

Find the main proposal or argument of the architect-

After you have read the entire book, ask youself;

What strategies are used to prove or substantiate their theory? (Historical, cultu’al,
psychologicaVsensorial, political,

visuanraphic, technological, economic)

What makes their proposal different from others?

What is new about what they are proposing?

What historical 7 precedents have been used to substantiate their claim? What
previous work has been criticized by the author?

What strategic images, drawings and/or buildings are used to create the architects
argument? Select a few images (maximum 3)



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