Journal project




After reading the scenario, consider the following questions, reflect on the diagram in Lesson 4. What
assumptions might you make? Which elements of the scenario would you want to clarify? What probes
might you use to gain insight into the situation?

less is a single mother who has had an alcohol addiction [or years, and has been hospitalized and in and
out of treatment for her problems. Chris has been in and out of government care for the past two years,
and was first removed at age 14. Chris expressed a desire to be out of his mother’s home; at the same
time, Ministry workers have protection concerns. Despite his not living with his mother, Chris cares for
less very much, and has also demonstrated an ability to take care ofless and the home. For the past two
years, Chris has lived in one foster home and three group homes. As well, for the past year and a half,
Chris has accessed a community-based youth shelter numerous times. Several months ago, Chris
experienced severe depression and was assessed for mental health issues. His performance and
attendance at school has been declining significon tly in the past six months. In addition, workers at Chris
current group home suspect that Chris may be engaged in criminal activities, though Chris has denied
having involvement in the criminal justice system. Recently, Chris expressed interest to group home
workers in using the independent Living program; however, the Ministry denied Chris access to this
program” (Source).

Journal Entry its (200 – 300 words)

Reflect on your personal reasons for pursuing choosing a career in law enforcement or child and youth
work. In your journal entry consider your personal morals and principles and how these relate to your
chosen career path. Briefly describe your long-term career goals within law enforcement?

Journal Entry its (200 – 300 words)

Police question: Consider the obstacles of diversity discussed in the readings for this lesson. Reflect on
these and identify how you, as a law enforcement officer, plan to deal with each type of obstacle in your
future career.

CYW question: Describe in detail, using the new knowledge gained through the readings from this unit,
as a CYW how you would ensure a respect for diversity is reflected in your CYW practice. Be sure to refer
to and utilize concepts studied in this lesson when formulating your answer.


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