Site Preparation


Module 3 Option 1: Network Diagraming – Site Preparation

Network diagramming is a logical, sequential process that requires you to consider the
order in which activities should occur to schedule projects as efficiently as possible. All
projects have predecessors (activities that must/should occur before the next step
within a project plan can take place).

Using the Appendix B Table 1 Site Preparation data, review the steps in Appendix 8
section “1. Construct This Network Diagram Using MS Project 2013″ (Pinto, 2015, pp.
510-512) ATTACHED.

The assignment is to:

0 Construct a network diagram for this project using project management software (MS
Project, ProjectLibre, Open Project, etc-) or other appropriate application software and
the data referenced above. Your diagram should include parallel logical sequential
paths to completion and all nodes should be labeled.

0 Create an AON(Activity on Node) network diagram illustrating the project activities
with parallel paths to complete the project and a defined critical path.

0 Insert your network diagrams as appendices in paper, in the main body of which you:


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