Sociology of Economic Organizations

: Sociology of Economic Organizations

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Question One: (3-4 pages) Explain the position that Schweickart takes about capitalism and the economic organizational structure of society. Use the chapters in his
book as evidence to show me what his position is. What are some of the major factors he talk about when looking at capitalism. According to Schweickart what impacts
the Economic Organization of a society? How does he help you better understand the economic implications of a society and how does this affect other institutions? In
other words how do the Marco level decisions about a society regarding the economic system impact the micro level (individuals such as yourselves). Could/should we go
beyond capitalism as it is presently organized? Why or why not?

Question Two: (3-4 pages) Throughout this course our goal was to thoroughly understand the economic organization and development of the U.S. We also explained how the
macro level economic organization of a society impacts micro level phenomenon. One such effect we discussed and explored was the Prison Industrial Complex. Please
explain the Prison Industrial Complex from an economic standpoint. Who developed it, how and why? Who benefited from this economic organizational structure? What were
the effects for the power elite, corporations and individuals? How does the lecture help you understand this economic strategic plan? How does the films (13th,
Abandoned the Betrayal of American Immigrants, American Gangsta: Rickey Ross) help you understand how the economic organization dictated the outcome seen. How does the
film Requiem for the American Dream help you understand the Prison Industrial Complex as an economic endeavor? If you had all the resources (money, time, staff,
experts, sponsors, etc.) how would you organize society economically? Why? How feasible do you think your ideas are? How would this impact those at the top, those in
the middle, and those at the bottom of the economic hierarchy? What would be the result of your economic plan?

REQUIRED BOOK: David Schweickart’s “After Capitalism”

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