Homeland Security



Respond to the following scenario:
Scenario: A homegrown terror cell called HVE (homegrown violent extremists) is in the final phases of planning a catastrophic attack targeting several areas in Los Angeles, consisting of mostly U.S. government and Jewish institutions in the city.
• HVE is a multicultural cell, all U.S. citizens, under 35 years of age, anti-government, anti-Semitic and the attack is in response for the continued support of the State of Israel.
• Additional HVE sleeper cells are positioned in Europe and could be activated.
• The LA cell is the head of the snake. If the LA cell is neutralized, the entire plot folds and the sleeper cells remain underground.
• Despite any government response, collateral damage us unavoidable.


• As members of the Israeli Security Services, you will brief and provide a policy recommendation to the United States National Security Council. Based on lectures, videos and class discussion, should the drone strike be authorized and why?

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