Technology corrodes or enriches human solidarity


Technology corrodes or enriches human solidarity


The Uprising

Analyze how technology corrodes or enriches human solidarity. Elaborate on the
frameworks and paradigms that foster as well as inhib’rt solidarity in our society. In
crafting your response, consider the current political, economic, and poetic climates
and discuss the general attitudes and emotions that pervade our culture.

Respond in 3-5 pages using proper MLA style and formatting. Your essay must include
at least 2-3 sources from material discussed in class and 2-3 sources from material
you fomd on your own. All in all, your paper must have at least 5 sources-

3 sources from class
httsz/wwwtheatlanticcom/magazine/archive/201 4/01 /the-eave£d ropper/355727/
httsz/wwwtheatlanticcom/tech nology/arch ive/201 5/10/reclaiming-conversation-

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