Internet Search Assignment


Internet Search Assignment

Take a look at the World of Work Map (ACT) at

In a few sentences describe how the career clusters, regions and career areas are
organized. You may need to hunt around the site a bit for an explanation of the
different sections of the map. Explain in a few sentences how you might use this when
working with children, adolescents, OR young adults-

2. Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook at

Choose a specific occupation (any you want) and locate the following information on it.
Summarize in a few sentences what you found and how you might use this website
with a client.

job description

working conditions

training/education needed


job outlook

3. Go to (virtual tours)- Choose a university and take a virtual
tour. Briefly tell me what was appealing about this site? What recommendations would
you have to improve this site? List 3 things that you learned about the university you
selected that you didn’t know previously. How might you use this site with clients?

4. Go to Look up a position description in a counseling area that
might appeal to you- Summarize what you found and your evaluation of this website in
a short paragraph.

5. Go to httsz/bigfuturecollegeboard-org/college-search?navld=bf-cs

Explore the college search options. You can answer the questions and find a university
that matches your preferences. How might you use this website with clients? Explain in
a short paragraph.

6. Surf the internet to find three additional career related website that you find helpful.
Write a brief description (4 sentences or so) of each. Post these recommendations on
the discussion board in the designated forum.

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