Personal Class Design Project





Design a class that you would like to teach someday- The class must be at least 4
hou’s in length and must be multiple sessions. rt can be fOll’ sessions of 1 how each,
or two sessions of 2 hou’s each, depending on you topic and taget audience-

Begin by describing the institution that is sponsoring the class (e-g-, academic,
hospital, or community agency)- Include the philosophy of the sponsoring organization
and how that will affect the douse you ae developing-

Explain how you determined a need for this class (needs assessment)-

Write a one-paagraph description of the class-

ldentify the taget audience-

ldentify the leaning resou’ces you will use for the class (textbooks or other resouces)-
Write the program outcomes for the couse and the leaner objectives for each class
session- Indicate which domains of leaning ae represented by each leaner objective-
There is no predetermined length criterion for this assignment- rt is intended that each
student will develop a class that they can use in their selected aea of education- You
will complete this project in you next douse, NUR-649E-


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