Open Horizon of Apologetics


Open Horizon of Apologetics

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research assignment is “open topic’-choosing our own apologetics “issue”, articulating it, and grappling with it.

1) First, you’ll need to choose your “issue.” Ask yourself these questions (or ones like them): What is a critique from the non-
Christian culture of the Christian church? What is a critique of Christianity from the non-Christian forces in the academy or
sciences? Are there any challenges to orthodox Christian faith which are more pressing now than before in the history of the
faith? As you think through these questions, be especially attuned to what answers excite the most passionate feelings or
attention on your part. You’ll want to choose a topic that is not only pressing and relevant. but that is personally significant to
you and about which you feel like you have something substantial to argue.

2) Second. you’ll need to research the issue. For this assignment. your textbooks must be cited at least once each (per usual).
but you will also need to call on at least three sources relating to the issue you have chosen. These sources should be
reputable-this means that online sources ought to be used with caution. There are a lot of non-reputable sites with erroneous
information, and using these sorts of things as ”sources” in an academic paper will lower your grade. My recommendation is to
look-up the topic online first, iust to gain a general understanding. but then draw your sources primarily from books. Some of
the online info may direct you toward hard-copy sources. If you find something that is excellent online, then you can use it. If
you are uncertain about an online source. email me.

3) Third. you will begin writing your essay. The first step will be to articulate this issue and its importance to the Christian faith
today. What is the background of the issue? Who is raising the issue? Have there been other attempts to deal with the issue
that you find wanting? In short, give your reader a robust context in which to understand your apologetic response. This
portion of the paper should take up about one-third of your overall paper length.

ll) Next, you need to set-out your own apologetic response to the raised issue. Call upon your training thus far in our course to
do so. Remember to grapple with the issue in a nuanced. critical. but generous manner. being sure to highlight where the issue
is contributing something that Christians can actually learn from. This part of your paper, which is the most important part.
should be about half of your overall paper length.

5) Finally, for the remainder of your paper length. sum up your own contribution to the discussion of this apologetic is

briefly propose some ways in which the church-at-large can utilize the insights you have provided.



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