Analyse the key issues that must be addressed by organisations before they can expand into another country



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Key issues about organizations expand into another country

follow the outline to write this essay, if you add a new point, please put it into the outline as well!!!!
I. Introduction
A. The overview of international company
1. Benefits of international company
a. More opportunities of cooperate with foreign company
b. Diversification
2. Reasons of why does company become international
a. Competition of many companies—less markets
b. Technology advanced

B. Thesis statement: This essay will explain the issues that organization is might be face. Such as consumers’ demands, economic issue, and the competition. We also can use some method to solve
problems. Doing research and making more products which are the need of the marlet.

II. Issues of when they expand into another country
A. The demand of consumers
1. Product quality
2. Product price
B. The policy of economy in another country
1. Currency
2. Value
C. The competition

III. Conclusion
A. Restate the position
B. Summarise main issues
C. Final statement


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