Interview Reaction



Examine how roles and prior experiences impact perception of medication use and implications for social work practice. To this end, you will need to have an interview with (at least) one social
worker, and one non-social work professional who works with mental health services consumers (e.g., a lawyer, teacher, nurse, and so on) regarding their beliefs, values, and attitudes toward
psychotropic medications and ascertain what each believes to be the appropriate consumer, social worker, and psychiatrist roles. During the interviews, you are to take notes which will be submitted
as an appendix to your final paper (do not record your interviews). To maintain confidentiality, de-identify the people and agencies in both the notes and the paper; do describe the interviewees’
roles and the type of agencies they are associated with. During the interview, explore the interviewee’s knowledge of ethical/legal dimensions of medication compliance/refusal, what they believe to
be the best techniques of medication monitoring, and how useful they believe the applications of problem-solving and social skills training are to medication-related issues.


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