How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat”


How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat”


For the assignment: Read the article ” How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat”
(Weblinlc http J/www. 6/09/1 3/well/eat/how-the-sugar-industry-
shifted-blame-to-fat.html?partner=bloomberg), think about the issues being discussed
and/or the questions the article raises for you- Then do some research online to find 1
additional source that either adds to your knowledge of the issue or helps you address
the questions the article raised for you. Your additional source must be one of high
quality and one from a reputable organization. You can use other newspaper articles,
nonprofit organizations’ reports, think tank reports, scholarly books or articles
including reports from 00 Researcher-which is a journal available in the library’s

Write a 2 page paper which addresses all of the following questions:

What are the social interactions, groups, and/or institutions that are playing a role in
the activitieefissues described in the article? Fully explain your ideas and use multiple
details from the article to back up your statements.

What does this article indicate to you about our society? What questions does it raise
to you about our society? How does it make you think about people’s behaviors in new
ways? Fully explain your ideas and use details from the article.

What else have you found out about the activitiesfrssues addressed in the article? Fully
explain. This part of the paper should be at least half a page long.

When you write out your responses to #1 & #2 you must correctly use (and underline)
at least 2 sociological terms and concepts that have been covered in class in recent
weeks or in recent textbook readings. (Choose terms/concepts other than socialUse 12 point, Times Roman font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins.

Provide reference material for your additional source at the end of the paper.

Use APA style for this reference. See the guidelines for APA style here:

follow directions exactly. I will upload instmctions.

It needs to be 2 full pages with 1 inch margins. No heading please. The paper needs to
start from top of page.

when answering # 1 and # 2 \correctly use at least 2
sociological terms and underline these words. Examples: sociological perspective,
social location, macrosociology, microsociology, social class, status set, ascribed
status, achieved status, status symbol, master status, social structure, status
inconsistency, role, aggregate, category, primary group, secondary group, voluntary
association, reference group, dyad, triad, coalition, clique, goal displacement,
bureaucracy, alienation.

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