The Role of Religion in Ancient Civilizations Select Readings



The Role of Religion in Ancient Civilizations Select Readings (First Edition) Written and edited by Kim Woodring Paperback ISBN: 978-1-5165-0061-1
but you will find the papers you need to do the assignment in the attachment (pictures of the book). The assignment is: In the attachment you will find a paper called
Article analysis worksheet you need to fill it with answers do NOT write a new paper just fill this paper in the attachment. To fill this paper with answers you must
read the papers I attached from the book (The Role of Religion in Ancient Civilizations). The article or where you should start reading to answer the worksheet is from
The Mesopotamian Religions. pick any part or portion or section to the answer the worksheet do not summarize all of the papers Just pick one part or portion from any
paper and do NOT pick a small portion example: ((Patriarchy also shaped the development of boys, encouraging complex relationships with mothers and fathers alike. At
least in the upper classes, fathers appeared as remote, authoritarian figures in their sons’ lives. Emotional ties to mothers, often lifelong, could be intense)).
this is an example of a short portion do NOT answer the worksheet using a short portion like this. If you are going to use a short portion, then use one more large
portion or section with it. The prof gave us instructions for each question, I wrote the number of the question and the instruction you MUST follow next to the
question’s number:
1-in the first question the answer is not C or D that means The answer is either A or B
2. you need to explain it very well you need to show that you understand it. ( do not write 3 essays as answer just write maybe 4-5 sentences showing you understand)
3. this question is connected to the first question
4. pick any part or portion and summarize it (just one part or portion or section) 5. in this question, the answer is just one or two sentence do Not write a
paragraph. you also need to answer all of these question from the same part or portion you choose.
all of the article sheet’s questions must be answer from the same part or portion you pick. you have to either pick one part or portion, or you could use the a small
portion from every part to answer the questions just don’t summarize all of the papers.


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