Black Power Movement and Civil Rights Movement




Black power movements like ‘black lives matter is still relevant today, know and resParch more about those movements, and also know if the movement (Black Lives Matter) was based and is relevant
because of the history that they’ve been through here in America. How were they able to survive all the hatred that they were getting throughout the years and I believe until now. Did the black
power movement and civil rights movement help black from becoming who they are today or like at least did it help them shape the way they stand for their selves. Make an argument that there should
be more things done for black people during the past and until now. Also fill free to add other arguments. Show both sides of the story (all the arguments from the Alt Right, richard spencer, and
many whites that the US has done enough for blacks and asks why hispanics are a larger population but get less attention or compensation than blacks?).


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