Organisational response report



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Critically evaluate an organisation’s response to a crisis or controversy in the online environment, in the form of negative reactions by members of the public.
Instructions for report


Your report should draw on your set readings and on your research and experience. In concluding your analysis of the case study/studies, you should provide your own final evaluation and justification for this evaluation. There is no ‘right’ or ‘expected’ answer for the essay. What is expected is a well-researched, professionally presented, fully referenced, well-structured argument.
Issues to consider for your report

What was the nature of the controversy or crisis?
Who were the individual actors, organisation, or organisations, involved in the controversy or crisis?
What was the economic, social and historical context of the controversy or crisis?
Was it necessary to shut communication down, and if so what was the ‘tipping point’?
Could the situation have been handled differently in any way?
To what extent did the organisation demonstrate appropriate knowledge of the online context (of social media customs and habits) during and after the controversy or crisis?
What does this case study teach us about how organisations should deal with negative reactions online?



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