use the following link to answer the questions for this essay:
makes-you-crave-naughty-foods-a7856741.html Identify the claim about behavior made in the article. In other words, what is the point the author is trying to convey,
based on the research he or she has cited in the article? The claim may be stated obviously, or it may be implied. Evaluate the credibility of the claim. Identify the
type of research described in the article and identify at least 3 research criteria you have learned in this course (for example, if the study was a survey, identify
and evaluate 3 criteria that make surveys effective in psychological research). In your own words, accurately define each of the criteria you write about. Then, use
each criteria to evaluate the claim made by the popular press article. After reading this article and learning about basic research methods, would psychologists find
the claim to be believable and convincing? Why or why not? Evaluate the claim from the perspective of psychology; in other words, draw on what you have learned in
class and in your text about research methods and about evaluation. Example: If you identify sample size as a research criteria to evaluate, accurately explain what
sample size is and why it is important in your own words. Then, identify the sample size of the research described in the popular press article and evaluate if the
sample size is sufficient for the claim the popular press article makes. If sample size is not discussed in your article, discuss how that affects the believability of
the claim. Would a psychologist believe the claim based on how the article addresses sample size?


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