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The audience for your policy proposal is the head of the selected organisation and the senior management team. The proposal should address one of the following:
. 1) Design a new performance management, monitoring and evaluation system for a public sector organisation for which you have worked or are interested in. The policy paper should include an overview of performance management systems used in the relevant sector, identify different methods and strategies for approaching the task for your organisation, the benefits and problems of each approach and finally provide a recommendation. (Students may select another public sector organisation other than one they have worked for if they believe an alternative organisation is more suitable for this assessment task, and students without experience working in a public sector organisation can discuss options with the subject coordinator).

(2) Design a change management plan for a public sector organisation for which you have worked or are interested in, in response to a major planned or unplanned, revolutionary or evolutionary change. The policy paper should identify the different stages in the implementation of the change management plan; a strategy for communication of the change to senior management, staff and stakeholders; identify the effect of the change on people and clients and how the worst of the effects can be alleviated. The plan should identify the benefits and challenges with successfully executing and sustaining the change plan and how these will be overcome.




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