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Plan mathematics lessons and units using the structure and content of the Australian Curriculum.
Examine the development of mathematical concepts throughout the primary years of schooling and relate it to the content of the Australian Curriculum.

Investigate and plan pedagogical approaches to mathematics in the primary years for diverse learners.

Develop appropriate and inclusive methods and structures for the planning and assessment of mathematics.

Folio outline
This Assignment task requires you to create a unit of work (over 3-5 lessons) for either a F-2 class, 3-4 class or a 5-6 class. Your unit of work should provide an opportunity for students to explore key concepts of each of the three content strands within the AC Maths (Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability) across a series of related lessons.

As part of the folio task you will need to compare and evaluate strategies and resources designed for mathematics teaching, as well as generate evidence of your capacity to plan and assess units and lessons based on sound pedagogical principles that demonstrate your understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

Folio topic/theme
In determining a focus for your unit, you should choose a topic, theme, or pretext which connects the three content strands. You should also look for ways to incorporate inclusive, integrated and/or holistic approaches into your teaching and assessment design.

Folio structure
Your unit of work folio will be prepared as a Word document and will include the following items:




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