Improving patient’s outcomes by leveraging Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in clinical practice.”

Improving patient’s outcomes by leveraging Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in clinical practice.”

Order Description

is a combination of 3 writing deliverables and a presentation (PowerPoint) deliverable. The 1st deliverable is a prerequisite – a one pager on the description of the
paper and why the topic has been chosen, please include references. For the additional 2 writing deliverables, it’s essentially the construction of a 15 page paper.
Deliverable 2 will provide the clinical description and deliverable 3 will be the technical and operational (diagrams, workflow etc..) of Clinical Decision Support.
The PowerPoint presentation will be mimic the 15 page paper, total of 20 slide.

With regards to format, please attach the final version to Superior Papers as the Deliverable 1, Deliverable 2, Deliverable 3 and the PowerPoint. As stated above,
Deliverable 3 will be a continuation of deliverable 2.

The selected topic is “Improving patient’s outcomes by leveraging Clinical Decision Support (CDS) in clinical practice.” As you can tell, CDS is the focus. Within the
2 main writing deliverables, please focus on 3 sections – Clinical, Technical and Operation. Furthermore, real life examples of CDS in practice are paramount.

• Class Project Topics
– Clinical Decision Support Case study or opportunity
– Could be based on meaningful use clinical quality measure
– Public Health Issues – Should address clinical, operational and technical approaches and issues
– Topics must be approved by the instructor

• Suggested Presentation Outline
• Opportunity
– Describe the potential impacts of using Clinical Decision Support
– Describe why you chose this topic

• Describe the Medical Rationale for this Opportunity
– Evidence Based Medicine
– Other Research
– Any Relevant or related guidelines
– Any relevant or related order sets, care plans, etc.
• Describe the implementation
– Workflow and trigger event(s)
– Education and rollout materials
– Which applications, if any, might be impacted (i.e. admissions, order entry, discharge, etc.)
– Data Required
– Knowledge Rules
– Interventions
– Measurements
– could the success of this implementation be evaluated.

• References

• Writing Deliverable 1: Opportunity description (1 page, plus references)
-Include why you choose this topic

• Writing Deliverable 2: Clinical Description (6 pages plus references)
-Update opportunity descriptions
-Describe research, evidence based medicine, guidelines, order sets, and/OR care plans as appropriate •
-Include References

• Writing Deliverable 3: Implementation Description (10 page, plus reference)
-Include and/or update opportunity and clinical description
-Describe workflows, which clinical applications might be changed, data required, knowledge rules, and/OR interventions as appropriate
• PowerPoint Presentation: Presentation materials for 25-minute presentation to be given the last two weeks of class.


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