radical feminist theory


radical feminist theory (Firestone), feminist sociology (Lorber and West and Zimmerman), black feminist thought or intersectional analysis (Hill Collins and Shields),
and global or post-colonial feminism (Mohanty and Desai). We have considered how gender is constructed, how it is constructed intersectionally, and how knowledge is
produced and shaped by bias or privileged positions.

consider how knowledge about Hawai’i is shaped by race, class, gender/sexuality, and/or the colonial experience. Drawing from the readings, select three concepts from
three different readings and define them clearly and fully such as “doing gender,” “western eyes,” or “black feminist thought.” These are JUST examples, please
identify and describe the concepts that you find in the readings that will help you explain your position on how knowledge of Hawai’i is constructed by gender and
other intersections. In order to support your take or analysis of the portrayal of Hawai’i and how it is informed by race, class, gender, etc. present some form of
data or empirical evidence. For example, this could include statistics, visual representations, video on Hawai’i, academic resources, and/or websites.

Your four to five pages essay should have one-inch margin and be double-spaced and use a 12-point Times New Roman font. There should be no extra spaces between
paragraphs and you should indent at the start of each new paragraph. Please include a title on the top of the first page. Use subheading to organize your essay. Your
essay should include:

A) An introduction in which you briefly provide an overview or thesis statement or outline the structure of your essay (about ½ page)

B) Theory–three separate sections one devoted to each concept. (about 2 pages)

C) A summary of your analysis or position on how Hawai’i is constructed with the presentation of some evidence. (about 1 page)

D) Most importantly this section requires you to link the concepts you define to explain how the representation of Hawai’i that you summarize is informed by gender,
race, class and/or coloniality. (about 1 page)

E) A brief conclusion that summarizes what you accomplished in your essay. (about ½ page)


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