Western Civilization



1. Explain the meaning of the above statement. In what ways are the Romans quite close to us (the inheritors of Western Civilization)? 2. Reflect on the Fall of the Roman Empire – why did this happen, in your opinion? Who were the Barbarians and why were they called thus? And what is the relevance of Christianity? 3. Reminder – these were THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, ALEXANDER NEVSKY, THE RETURN OF MARTIN GUERRE.What did they have in common? What made them very different? 4. The three parts of middle ages 5. What is the Renaissance? How did it relate to the voyages of discovery, the New World, and finally The Industrial Revolution? 6. Three important revolutions in the history of Western Civilization – what were they? 7. Why was World War I called THE GREAT WAR, THE WAR TO ENO ALL WARS? Consider the film ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN


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