Relationship Between Strategy and MACSs in LDCs’ Public Sector


Relationship Between Strategy and MACSs in LDCs’ Public Sector

Paper details:

two chapters: Empirics and Discussion. and Findings. The research is qualitative. The previous work (i.e.three chapters
an proposal) will be provided. The writer MUST follow the flow of the previous chapters. Interviews’ transcripts will provided.
Sources must be from highly ranked journals. Any statement without an in-text citation is not acceptable. Further

guidance/ instructions will be given accordingly.

The third chapter (i.e. Methodology) which I have already wrote needs some adjustments. I did not write this chapter will. In
most cases. I do not think I made much sense. Especially. under “Ontological and Epistemological Reflections” sub-section. I
would like the writer to edit this chapter for it to make sense to my study. The method I used for collecting data is semi-
structured interviews only. The proposal attached briefly explains the reasons behind this method. It also explains my
objectives and question.

Suggested structure for the last two chapter is as follows:



42 Theory Development

5. Conclusion

Limitations and Further Research

Suggested words allocation for both chapters is 60% for Discussion and Empirics. and the Llo% for Findings.

Discussion must be linked to the literature review (which is provided). Also.


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