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Write a 7-9 page paper on social work values and ethics (Assignment E). This page limit includes the cover page and reference page.

Use the following prompts to guide your discussion:

Cover page (1 page)
Include an introductory paragraph (.5 page)
Summarize briefly the key points of the NASW Code of Ethics, the CSWE Educational Policy and Standards, and HIPAA. (1 page *keep this brief)
What in general are the most challenging ethical issues facing social workers and the social work profession today? (1-2 pages)
Most social workers specialize in a field of practice, such as child welfare, elder services, family services, mental health, substance abuse and additions, victim
services, corrections and criminal justice, among others. Choose one area and discuss the ethical issues faced by practitioners that are unique to that field of
practice. (1-2 pages)
What are the core values of the social work profession, and do any of your personal values conflict with those core values? Discuss at least one potential value
conflict and how you plan to handle such a conflict. (1 page)
Include a conclusion to summarize your key points and provide closure for your reader. (.5 pages)
Reference page (1 page)
It is expected that you use the following course sources: National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics; Council on Social Work Educational Policy and
Accreditation Standards; HIPAA Guidelines; the Reamer textbook, and the Segal, Gerdes, & Steiner chapters.

In addition, you must cite at least six additional research sources using APA format. These sources may be a combination of websites, electronic journal articles, news
articles, expert interviews, and professional literature. You may not rely solely on websites. Research resources must be documented in the body of the paper when
referenced, and in the Reference List. The in-text citations and the Reference List must be formatted using APA style.


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