Define your target population for your research


– Methods for answering a research question

Paper details:

‘I. Use a survey of a target population to investigate the research question. Define your target population for your research
question including inclusion and exclusion criteria. What are the ethical considerations for this population? Who are the
gatekeepers” of the target population? What type of survey will you conduct (see table 12.3)? Give examples of open-ended
and close-ended questions that you would include in your survey.

2. Conduct a systematic literature review (SLR) to more closely assess the issue. Discuss how you would conduct a SLR on your
research topic and how this differs from your preliminary literature review for your proposal.

3. Use a secondary data source. Choose at least two sources that are useful for your research question. Your text gives
examples of sources in Chapter 9 but you may use other sources as welL Define the data that is pertinent to your topic and
discuss how it can be used in your research.


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