Federal State or Local Government Contracting

Federal State or Local Government Contracting

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Book Rpt. 3-5 pages double space /oral presentation (Any Topic Related to commercial, Federal, State, or Local Government contracting.
Any book, scholarly research, or combination of scholarly articles of your choosing, but you must be able to tie it back to Contracting. Verbal and Written reports are
due as scheduled in class.

1) Name of Book/Article, 2) Author, 3) ISBN number (if applicable), 4) Date of Publication 5) Why did you choose this book or article?, 6) Basic principles or story
line, etc. 7) How does it tie back to Gov’t contracting? 8) Do you recommend it to others? Yes/No Explain. 9) Was it easy to read? 10) Would you read another book or
article from this author?

the Writer from Requester; we going to discuss Book Report Requirements on Oct 5th, so if you could communicate to me by Oct 2 or 3 and would like paper by Oct


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