John Thompson’s Modem Trinitarian Perspectives




You are to write a 1000-word review of John Thompson’s Modem Trinitarian Perspectives, (New York, Oxford: Oxford University Press 1994).
In your review you should 1. Provide a brief outline of the approach taken by Thompson in his discussion of contemporary perspectives in Trinitarian theology (150 words) 2 Select one chapter (2). Analyse and critically assess the way the author has applied trinitarian thought to one particular theological theme (salvation) That is, how does Trinitarian thought make a difference to the way that we understand and/or practice these? And does the author provide a truly trinitarian formulation of the doctrine? (550 words) 3. In the light of your discussion, conclude with an assessment of the importance of modern Trinitarian theology for the life and witness of the church today. (300 words)



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