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Public Lands Project Final Paper

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a sheet with instructions that i will attach after In this final paper I need to provide a background of the site, the history of it. The site i chose is Bucktoe
Creek Nature Preserve. Here’s a link of a map:,-19311:e-



I also need to provide a brief history of the organization which “owns” or shepherds that piece of land;
-The reason(s) why that land was set aside by others but left it open to the public;
– Any impressions you have about the specific piece of land (Why do you value it? Why did you think the class would value it? provide personal reflections on your
interface with it, Is it unique? etc)

For that last part I want my writer to include my reasons right here:

I value this land because it serves as an environmental education center that helps wildlife thrive in its natural state while allowing people to observe and learn
about the many different species of living organisms. It teaches people to love and to respect nature. It also made me find love amongst organisms I never thought I
would ever love like insects, particularly such as caterpillars. Ever since I wandered off into a field of milkweed plants and encountered a swallowtail butterfly. At
the time I didnt know it was a swallow tail and so I asked an ornithologist who bird bands there during the summer and he told me what it was. and i thought it was one
of the mot beautiful and fascinating insects I’ve seen. That inspired me to raise my own caterpillars, the cecropia moth caterpillars to be precise just to get a
better understanding of them. These creatures not only helped me learn more about them but tit helped me learn more about tree identification considering their larvae
form eats specific types of leaves, and what each trees job serves in its environment. I’ve discovered invasive species transplanted from Japan. Talk about those in
the paper too. The process of metamorphosis fascinated me as well. It made me realize how significant every single specie is in evolution and in any ecosystem each
thrives in, in general. How metamorphosis is still one of the greatest wonders of the world.. please add a lot of philosophy and interpretations to this paper as well
in terms of reflecting it back on us as human beings. Why I chose this land was because I was researching areas that obtained bird banding activities and this one was
the closest nearby with an Ornithologist who hosted it every monday and wednesday. I figured why not learn more about birds and plants.

In the beginning of the paper after talking about the history of the land and the brief history of the organization that owns it I want to talk about how my culture
(Greek) impacts my interface with nature and this piece of land specifically. I want my writer to briefly discuss what Philotimo means; how it is a complex
constellation of values thats too hard to define. How It’s definition is far beyond what its simplicity means. Philo means friend and timi means honor. My parents
embedded that word in my head since the day I was born and I’ve lived by it my entire life so far. To get a better understanding please watch this entire video:

Talk about how that helps my interface with nature and to treat the world around me the way I like to be treated (how philotimo plays a huge role in the golden rule)
from the smallest living thing to the largest. Talk about how Philotimo plays a significant role upon my choices in life and why my perspective is as strong as it is
due to my philanthropic tendencies that I was taught from a very young age . I have a noble ambition to protect what helps keep our world safe. Talk about why
Philotimo is important to all of humanity in general and that this is why I truly believe my class would value this place once they’ve seen and learned about it
because philotimo runs in all of humanities DNA and this is what makes me who I am. Also, mention Thales the great philosopher in a brief sentence.

Also, you can make this whole paper first person narrative.

More things to include:
The importance lies with humans moral decision making. Anthropocentrism towards understanding the importance that biocentrism lies with all life grouped with
ecocentrism. The importance lies with the interaction between non-living things. All three of those aspects (bio, anthro, and eco) play a significant role amongst this
life, our life, our home- planet earth.

At bird banding site #1 I will walk the trails and point out details of intrest and so i want to also talk about Indigo bunting homes, where we found nestlings (in
little bird houses) and banded them with colored beads in this paper. What the purpose of those colored beads of variation are when banding nestlings. Mention it is
sort of like an avian social security number. How it allows us to observe census and observe known individuals in the field without having to catch them in a net to
read band numbers. Talk about when color banding was first adopted. how it revolutionized the study of birds because biologists could focus studying individual
variation. How it is an essential part of raptor studies of natural selection in darwins finches. always mention how each thing interfaces with my perception of
nature, be creative. This history helps me realize how great it is to learn about our surroundings in an environment and how to go about better respecting it, after
that start discussing about a new canadian study of satellite bird banding to follow their migration patterns. then talk about how the harness; or back pack put on the
bird for tracking them goes against what i believe. I feel like birds are designed with lightweight bone structure and feather format for a reason and that weighing
them down with an extra form of technology diminishes their natural state. They essentially look robotic and I feel like our society is robotic enough as it is…birds
don’t deserve that. The bracelet we put on their leg is okay but if we’re to weigh them down and make them feel even more uncomfortable it could potentially affect
their evolution and how they’re adding a satellite at Bucktoe. Discuss pros and cons but dont forget that not only may this harness create a negative impact on bird
evolution but its unappealing to the eyes of the people who want to explore enjoy nature as is…its a distraction and that there are better ways to create technology
such as tracking that can be more beneficial for the bird and for us humans when observing these things.


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