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clinical Journal

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Address the following questions based the case below. I also added some articles fro to use, feel free to use more.

• Describe the observed activity
• Using an evidence-based approach, analyze the problem, issue, or situation.
• Reveal how the real-world might mirror or diverge from program-related evidence, concepts, and/or theories.
• Design a program that is aligned to a specific problem and target population in relation to a health-promotion and disease-prevention issue of national significance
• Analyze the appropriateness of planning and evaluation theories and models for application to a program design
• Explain the significance between the selection and application of appropriate financial strategies and the quality of program outcomes

-Age 56, male.
-Had been diabetic for 1o years.
-Came for follow up.
-A1C level is 4.
-Other labs are also normal.

Diabetic education
Group Diabetes Education Better Than Individual … – Medscape
Diet and activity
All patients on insulin should have a comprehensive diet plan, created with the help of a professional dietitian, that includes the following:
• A daily caloric intake prescription
• Recommendations for amounts of dietary carbohydrate, fat, and protein
• Instructions on how to divide calories between meals and snacks
Exercise is also an important aspect of diabetes management. Patients should be encouraged to exercise regularly.
Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus – Medscape eMedicine

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