Hydraulic cylinders




1. Fifty gallons of hydraulic oil weight 372 lb. What is the specific weight in units of lb/ft3?  2. A cylindrical container has a diameter of 0.5 m and a height of 1 m. If it is to be filled with a liquid having a specific weight of 2000 n/m3, how many kg of this liquid must be added?     3. A tank truck contains 125,000 liters of a hydraulic fluid having a specific gravity of 0.9. Determine the fluid’s specific weight, density and weight.   4. Find the pressure (absolute) on the skin of a diver who has descended to a depth of 60 ft in fresh water.  5. For the fluid power automotive lift system depicted in the figure, the hydraulic piston has a 250 mm diameter. How much oil pressure (kPa) is required to lift a 13.300 N automobile?


6. Two hydraulic cylinders are connected at their piston ends (cap ends rather than rod ends) by a single pipe. Cylinder A has a 2 in diameter and cylinder B has a 4 in diameter. A 500 lb retraction force is applied to the piston rod of cylinder A. Determine:  a. Pressure in cylinder A b. Pressure in cylinder B c. Pressure in the connecting pipe d. Output force of cylinder B

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