Regulation Banking Sector





Recent history has shown that despite an increasing amount of regulation, crises and scandals within regulatory and business environments still occur. Many different factors – such as legislative, economic, industry driven, political or indeed the scandals relating to some or all of these areas – have shaped the regulatory environments that exist today in any given jurisdiction around the world. If we removed all regulations and left market participants to operate freely, would the outcome really be any more problematic than it is currently?
Consider the above statement. Drawing on your experience of a regulated sector and jurisdiction with which you are familiar, research the topics referred to and compose a balanced response to the question posed about the need for regulation. In your answer you should demonstrate, the inclusion of appropriate examples and explanations, why you believe regulation either has or has not generally been of benefit to stakeholders in the regulatory environment and why it is, or is not, necessary. [The question is really asking whether if we removed all regulations and


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