Religion – Paul Tillich


Religion – Paul Tillich

Tillich argues “faith precedes all attempts to derive from something else because these
attempts are themselves based on faith.” How does this relate to the idea that it is
meaningless to ask if God exists? How does the unsuccessful attempt at describing
“God” relate to symbols and the various types of faith?

Two pages (double-spaced and not including the bibliography which is mandatory)

identify a key argument of the author(s) using the language, “X argues that.-.” (NOT
“the author focuses on/discusses/tallcs about/eta”),

include elements of the author’s supporting evidence for that argument, and

directly engage with the text through (short) quotations and citations. This must be
done for each of the readings assigned for that day. In-text citations should be written
in the following style (LastName YearzPage), for example (Freud 1913:21).

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