The social life of small urban spaces




1) Watch the documentary “The social life of small urban spaces” by William Whyte. This will be shown early in the semester and will also be on
reserve at Cabell library.
2) Choose one of the designated urban spaces from the course “assignments” on Blackboard.
3) Locate yourself in an optimal vantage point so as to be able to observe human behavior without being overly conspicuous.
4) Document all that you can see and hear from that vantage point, e.g. buildings, people, activities, small structures, objects, climate, etc.
5) Note specific patterns of movement within the space and where people are tending to locate and why
▪ Where are people sitting and what are they doing?
▪ Are people collecting in certain areas more than others?
▪ What unusual behavior do you notice?
▪ Are certain areas attracting people more than others and why?
6) Use the map provided to make note of all your observations and any specific patterns of behavi


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