Health and physical education



Journal entries are in two parts: 1. The first section will require you to respond to a question (or set of questions) included in the topic calendar. These questions require personal reflection on the issues raised in the readings and in workshops. These responses should be comprised of approximately 150 words.
2.The second section will require you to critically analyse one of the readings set for that week. You may wish to consider such issues as the validity of the assumptions which underpin the article or the sources, the applicability/validity/reliability of the research methods used; the manner in which the conclusions are supported by the data presented; and the manner in which these conclusions are applied to the topic at hand. Your summaries must include a proper APA-style reference for the selected reading. Summaries will be comprised of approximately 150 words.
Questions: (1) Think about the FMS teaching experience you will complete as part of this topic. What do you think some of the challenges may be? What are some strategies that may help you to overcome the possible challenges you’ve identified? (2) Critically analyse “Fundamental movement skills among Australian preschool children” (3) Think back to a practicum, employment, or other experience in a birth to S setting. What did Physical Education look like? Was it structured/unstructured? Were educators/staff trained in PE? Was it an important aspect of planning/programming? (4) Critically analyse “Health-promoting schools in Australia: models and measurement” (5) What should the role of childcare/preschooVearly learning be in regards to children’s health and healthy development? Is this a responsibility that early care and education should have beyond addressing the curriculum? (6) Critically analyse ” Resurrecting Free Play in Young Children: Looking Beyond Fitness and Fatness to Attention, Affiliation, and Affect”

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