Defining Competencies

Defining Competencies Plus 2 other questions

Defined Competencies

Discuss defined competencies from an Nurse Administrators point of view regarding the regulatory bodies and main organizations within nursing, including those
identified in this week’s learning activity.
Include the following questions:
• How are competencies used in health care environments?
• How do these competencies affect nurse administrators and/or educators?
• How does your organization utilize these competencies?
• What regulatory bodies and nursing organizations does your organization report to and hold as a stanard?
525-word count
Stay on Topic
3 References


What research do you need to do prior to meeting with a nurse mentor with a Doctorate in Administration Degree and work as a DON within a very large Medical Center to
assist in my project for (see power point I will upload?
150-word count
Stay on Topic
2 References

(3) Kent, L., Anderson, G., Ciocca, R., et al, (2015). Effects of a senior practicum course on nursing students’ confidence in speaking up for patient safety. Journal
of Nursing Education, 54(3), 12-15.
Reflect on your role competency development as a result of your project (I will upload the power point) and above articles. How have your knowledge, skills, or
attitudes changed?
Summarize article then answer question
150-word count
Stay on Topic
2 References

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