Mariachi Music as a Symbol of Mexican Culture in the United States

Chicano Studies – Mariachi Music as a Symbol of Mexican Culture in the United States

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write a response to the 3 part question in the prompt so I can post it in the discussion board. I will upload all the course material the professor has posted that
will be needed to write a response.

When writing the response, please use basic language and don’t use big words. Please keep the vocabulary simple but write well thought-out creative ideas. Please write
the paper as if you are talking to someone or discussing this with another person because I am supposed to post your work on a discussion board.

Also, please don’t regurgitate sentences directly from the readings and don’t cite any work, please use your own words and ideas.

Furthermore, don’t write an intro when answering the prompt just get right into answering the prompt.

Lastly, English is my second language and I don’t want the professor to be suspicious of the work so please make it appear believable as if I wrote the response.

Below is the prompt the professor posted that I need you to answer:

// beginning of prompt

1. Why do you believe that mariachi music is one of the greatest symbols of Mexican culture? Give at least 2 reasons.

2. Mariachi has had very little change in the last 50 years. What do you think will happen with mariachi music in the next 50 years? Will it change, remain the same,
disappear? You can base your answer on the RUBEN FUENTES video found on slide 20 of the PowerPoint.


// end of prompt

When you write a response to the questions, I want you to base your answers on the course material I have uploaded.

Below is the course material the professor posted that I want you to study in order to write a response.

1. Mariachi Music as a Symbol of Mexican Culture in the United States
2. Tucson Citizen
3. Mariachi Powerpoint

Below is a link to RUBEN FUESTES video found on slide 20 of PowerPoint:
Video Link:

If the link doesn’t work, please let me know.

Please come up with a good question for part 3 of the question where it asks to post a question you have about mariachi music.

The following are guidelines directly from the syllabus that I want you to follow when answering the question.

In order to receive full credit for Forum postings you should follow these guidelines:

1. Your response should be relevant to the question being asked and substantial (demonstrates a thoughtful, informed response). You want to demonstrate that you are
keeping up with the readings, your comprehension of the ideas, and your ability to convey a well-informed opinion (i.e., not off the top of your head).

2. Each entry has a word count that you should be aware of. Some weeks the entries might be 500 words minimum, other weeks it might only be 300 words minimum. Be aware
and follow directions so that you don’t lose points.

3. You are required to make specific references to the course materials being discussed (i.e., readings, films, paintings, etc.)

4. Your response should be original, not regurgitated from lecture notes

5. If you answer simply to the effect of “I agree,” you will receive 0 credit

6. When appropriate, you can give examples from your personal experience

7. Online postings will be graded similarly to paper assignments- I will pay close attention to organization, logic, grammar, spelling, etc.

8. I may or may not provide individual feedback. Individual feedback can be provided during office hours.



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