Analysis of Test to the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education


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Assume the role in the scenario below:

You are a consultant and are called as an expert witness in a court proceeding to evaluate the use of this test for a specific setting and population. The court requests a 6-page report, Analysis of (Name of Test), with an executive summary.

Include the following:



Analysis of Test to the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education

Identify the strengths or weaknesses for each element, and determine if the information about that element supports (or opposes) the use of your selected test in the field and population to be served.
Analyze the test against each element.

Element 1. Purpose: Define the purpose for testing, the content, and skills tested.
Element 2. Appropriateness: Evaluate appropriateness of test content, skills tested, and content covered.
Element 3. Materials: Evaluate materials for which clear, accurate, and complete information is provided
Element 4. Training: Test users have appropriate knowledge, skills, and training.
Element 5. Technical Quality.
Synthesis of evidence of reliability.
Synthesis of evidence of validity.
Element 6. Test Items and Format: Evaluate test items, test format, directions, manuals, and scores.
Element 7. Test Procedures and Materials: Evaluate test procedures and materials to ensure that potentially offensive content or language is avoided.
Element 8. Modifications and Accommodations: Evaluate if tests provide appropriately modified forms or procedures for test takers with disabilities.
Element 9. Group Differences: Evaluate evidence on performance of test-takers of diverse subgroups.
Executive Summary


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