Business Culture


Choose two countries or regions with different cultural and institutional profiles from the country in which you currently work. Imagine people from these countries or regions are coming to work
with you in your organisation.
Write a short report for them offering advice on the cultural differences they will face coming to work with you and the differences in the institutionaVbusiness environment. What challenges will
you face in managing a multicultural team which includes people from these countries? (Word limit 2,500 words)
Write a critical account of the ways in which you have drawn, in the previous part of this assignment, on theory and frameworks from the module. (Word limit 500 words) Questions you will find
helpful to consider: What kinds of framework are helpful for considering cultural differences and what can they tell you about different expectations people in these countries have of leaders and
managers? What are the differences in legal frameworks for the regulation of business and employment? What implications will these have for how you will manage? What are the likely sources of
misunderstanding? What are the ways that theory has been useful in thinking about the problem posed, including provoking you to think in different ways? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the
different theory and frameworks you have drawn on? What work have you had to do to make these frameworks relevant to your own situation?


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