Impact and Management of Natural disaster on Economy of Inda vs New Zealand


Write a research to answer the following questions Ques:1 Why are you applying at Victoria? Facility and infrastructure to support research World first chair of economics of disaster Enhancement my
professional currier Ques: 2 What specific or question are you interested in studying? Why do you think this topic needs further research? – My research is on the historical trends of floods and
draughts in India and new Zealand. – It focuses on history of management and expenditure incurred on floods and draughts (pre and post expenditure) in India and New Zealand. example from past…. –
It will also study the changing trends in flood and droughts due to climate change and how strategies have been revised keeping this in mind. example from history ….like new areas of flooding
/draught – My research will also include whether the department and commissions related to floods and droughts are working in tandem or not .If yes to what extent and if no then why not – The
research will help me in formulate a strategy that will link these various components so that the people directly affected return to normal life with minimum loss and minimize the Applying extent
of destruction caused by these disasters – This topic needs extra research to understand – could different effort/approach lead to lesser economic burden; less damage to people and proerty Ques:3
How might you go about researching this issue? What obstacles or challenges, if any, do you anticipate in conducting this research? – Data transparency and accuracy especially historic – Data
collection – basically secondary Ques: 4 What in your academic, professional or personal background prepares you to undertake doctoral research? MA Economics (Gold medalaist for both years) CIDTL
Cambridge ( Reasearch wrk and internship) Teaching experience of economics and Business studies in India (


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