watch the video on Youtube A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bea



watch the video on Youtube A Tribe Called Red Ft. Black Bear – Stadium Pow Wow and answer the questions

Introductory Assignment: “Questions not Answers”
This is a short introductory writing assignment of about 500 words (provide a word count at the end).
You will hand it to your tutorial assistant (TA) in person at the end of lecture for your section: on Sep 19
for section 001 or Sep 20, 002. Make sure before you come to that lecture that you know the name of
your TA and the number of your tutorial!
View the following YouTube video: (A Tribe Called
Red Ft. Black Bear – Stadium Pow Wow)
Then answer the following questions:
a) If a friend asked you “what is this video about?” or “what’s it like?” how would you briefly
describe it? (30%)
b) What do you find interesting about this short media piece, and why? Note that to find
something interesting you don’t necessarily have to like it: whether you love, loath or are
indifferent to the video, what aspects of it would you, as a student of media, like to find out
more about? You don’t have to come up with the answers: just find questions about, for
example, the content, the production, or the technology of this video that you would like to
investigate, and explain why you think these questions are worthwhile ones (65%).
c) At the end of this assignment, name one piece of media—it can be a film, a TV series, a video
game, a piece of popular music, whatever—that you would like your instructor to lecture on
(5%). I certainly won’t be able to meet all requests, but if there are one or two clear favorites, I’ll
do my best.
You can write this assignment in the first-person (i.e. using the “I” form) but be sure use correct English
i.e. proper grammar and spelling, no slang or swear words, etc. Imagine you are writing a short piece in
a high-quality media magazine, blog or website.
This assignment is worth 5% of the total course mark. Late papers lose mark

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