Detailed Segment PaperDetailed Segment Paper

Detailed Segment PaperDetailed Segment Paper
Using pp. 152-158 in your Bauer and Traina textbook as a guide, clearly report on your segment level observation. Make sure you: ⎯ Include a chart mapping out the sections of your segment. Instead of the analytical chart used in this section of the book, your report should include a chart
like the ones on pp. 90-93, so that your segment chart will be similar to your whole book chart.⎯ Identify key semantic relationships and discuss how they are used in the passage. Also, be sure to include interpretive questions for each relationship.⎯ Identify and list the strategic areas of the segment.⎯ Identify the literary form contained within the text.⎯ List and discuss any other major impressions that are of importance.
Submit your response to your facilitator as an attachment in the drop box titled Detailed Segment Paper. APA formatting is not necessary except when resources require

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