Manage legal and ethical compliance



1 Provide an example of the legal and ethical frameworks (international, national state/territory, local) relevant to community services work, and how they apply in the workplace.2 What are the legal responsibilities and liabilities of managers and others in community services organisations?3 Outline the policies and procedures you are responsible for developing and monitoring in relation to:
a) Maintaining an organisation’s compliance
b) Ensuring rights and responsibilities are upheld
c) Maintaining a professional and safe environment
d) Maintaining effective and appropriate service delivery4 Summarise your responsibilities as a manager in developing and monitoring policies and procedures in an organisation.5 How do you use policies and procedures to manage compliance and ethical practice in both internal work practice and external service delivery?6 What is included in organisation policies and procedures and what format are they presented in? 7 Describe the techniques you use to monitor compliance.8 What are the functions and operating procedures of health and community service sector regulatory authorities?Where and how can you source information and advice on compliance requirements?




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